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DUMPLIN (2018)
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LADY BIRD (2017)
Role: Jenna Walton
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‘Lady Bird’ Actress Odeya Rush Talks ‘Dear Dictator’ And Judaism

Mar 18th, 2018     Reply to Article

NOWTHISNEWSThis Israeli-born actress is making waves in Hollywood. Growing up, Odeya Rush struggled to fit in when she moved to Alabama at age 9, not knowing any English.

She explained, “I wanted to be Stephanie or something more American. I was in Alabama in kind of a conservative town, coming from Israel which is very free-spirited. And I just wanted to fit in and have friends and I wanted to understand what they were saying I wanted to know more about Football or barbeques.”

But she was able to draw on being different for the role of “Tatiana” in “Dear Dictator.” The film is a satirical comedy about a rebellious teen who forms an unlikely friendship with a dictator, played by Michael Caine.

“I think when you are in high school your hormones are everywhere and you fight with your mom a lot and your dad and your brothers and everyone. You think you’re right all the time. I was a balance of a goody two shoes and a rebel. I don’t need to prove I was a rebel and [Tatiana] wants to show everyone as soon as she meets them, ‘I’m hardcore. I don’t care when you think.’”

She also makes sure that the haters never steal her smile and always takes time to laugh.

Dear Dictator – 1 new still

Mar 15th, 2018     Reply to Article

1 new still from the movie Dear Dictator has been released. Dear Dictator hits theaters, iTunes, and VOD on Friday March 16th!

Cheddar Interview – Video+Screencaptures

Mar 9th, 2018     Reply to Article

Odeya was a guest on Cheddar to promote Dear Dictator. 200+ HD Screencaptures have been added to the gallery.

‘Dear Dictator’ Clip: “Now is the Time”

Mar 9th, 2018     Reply to Article

‘Dear Dictator’ clip starring Odeya Rush and Michael Caine.

AOL Build – Photos

Mar 7th, 2018     Reply to Article

Odeya attended AOL Build Speaker Series in New York City on March 7, 2018 (watch the video in the previous post) . I have added 30 pictures to the gallery. Enjoy!

Edit: + 1 portrait added to the gallery! ♥

AOL BUILD – Odeya Rush Stops By To Chat About “Dear Dictator”

Mar 7th, 2018     Reply to Article

When political turmoil forces a British-Caribbean dictator to flee his island nation, he seeks refuge with his pen pal, a rebellious teenage girl (Odeya Rush) in suburban America, and teaches her how to start a revolution and overthrow the “mean girls” in her high school. Watch Odeya Rush on the BUILD stage, talking about the film “Dear Dictator.”

Vanity Fair Oscar Party – Photos

Mar 7th, 2018     Reply to Article

Hi! Odeya and her boyfriend Ryan Lee attended the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party on March 4, 2018 in Beverly Hills. She looked stunning in a yellow Vivienne Westwood Couture gown. 54 pictures have been added to the gallery

Dear Dictator – Final Poster + 1 new still

Mar 7th, 2018     Reply to Article

The final poster and 1 new still from the movie Dear Dictator have been added to the gallery

Films > Dear Dictator (2018) > Posters (+1)
Films > Dear Dictator (2018) > Stills (+1)